9 ways to have an eco-friendly Valentines Day

9 ways to have an eco-friendly Valentines Day

Hi everyone!

With Valentines Day right around the corner and the new year in full swing, I thought sharing an eco-friendly Valentine’s Day guide would be perfect for my first blog post of 2021. I absolutely love celebrating Valentine’s Day! I enjoy seeing so many people celebrating love. 

However, just like every other holiday, Valentine’s Day can be filled with a lotta waste and other unsustainable options. And since you’re already sending love to others on this day, why not send some to the Earth as well? :) 

So, here are my top 9 tips on how to have an eco-friendly valentines day while still being able to go all out for your significant other! From date ideas to gift ideas, this guide has you and our Earth ready to take on this fun holiday. 

Eco-friendly Valentines Day date ideas:

Plan a picnic

My friends and I are planning a beautiful beach picnic to celebrate Valentine’s Day and you can too! To make this a sustainable option, try cooking your own food or ordering from an eco-friendly restaurant. Limit your single-use plastic by wrapping your food in beeswax or packing it in reusable containers. Make sure to bring along your reusable straw and other utensils!


Go thrifting together and do a thrift flip

This is my favorite option. Okay, so all you need to do is go to your local thrift store and find clothing, vases, paintings, or anything else that catches your eye to flip into something that you’ll use! For example, you could find old t-shirts and turn them into stylish, bleached dyed shirts. 


Paint together 

This is similar to the last idea, but go to your local thrift store and find old canvases to paint over! This will save you money and stop extra plastic waste from new canvases.



Stay in and make a vegan dinner 

Veganism is a major part of living a sustainable lifestyle, and it’s always fun to try something new! There are a TON of delicious vegan recipes on Pinterest that will fit anyone’s tastebuds. 

Volunteer together 

If you’re really feeling giving, volunteer for a local trash clean up in your area. There is no better way to share the love by giving back to your Earth and community. 

Eco-friendly Valentines Day gift ideas:

Handmade gifts 

Okay, I know this may be cheesy, but handmade gifts are FANTASTIC. Just like the date idea, go to a thrift store and find something that you can do some TLC on. Maybe you find a cute frame to paint or a simple side table that you redo. The possibilities are endless. 

Shop sustainable brands 

Alright this one is a given, but I’ll add in some of my favorite eco-friendly brands for guys and girls!

Gift an experience 

Take a day trip, go to a movie, or go on a full vacation! Whatever floats your boat (and your eco-friendly Valentine’s Day goal) is a perfect way to show your love. Spending quality time together is just as valuable as a physical gift. 

Bake homemade goods 

Instead of buying a box of chocolates, make your own and use sustainable gift-wrapping! This is just one example, but there are so many fun options. This could also be a fun date idea!

 So, there are a few ideas on how to have a more sustainable Valentine’s Day this year. Remember, no one is perfect and it’s okay to buy that perfect gift or go on that amazing date that might not be as eco-friendly. It’s what you do MOST of the time that makes the difference. Treat yourself this holiday and have the best Valentine’s Day yet.