Maine, USA: Travel Guide

Maine, USA: Travel Guide

Hi everyone 

My latest adventure took me to Maine, United States. Maine is a breathtaking state filled with stunning beaches, mountains, and sailboats. This was the first state I have visited that is within the New England region, and the atmosphere was nothing but peaceful, nautical, and easy-going. Maine is a must-visit place for many people and now I understand why! If you are searching for a vacation spot up north, Maine is definitely where you should go! 


Today I am going to be sharing all of my best Maine travel trips. Including lodging, activities, and more! And just like my Colorado Travel Guide, at the end of this post I have added an easy-to-read list of all my Maine must-dos!

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Let’s get into it!


When to Visit Maine

This is vitally important to your trip to Maine. Maine is a state with a few “prime” seasons. First, you need to decide WHY you want to visit Maine. Do you want to ski? Hike? Surf? Or whale watch? Whatever the reason is, the month you visit Maine needs to fit the activities you plan on doing.

However, around the state, there are different on and off-seasons. For example, we stayed in Port Clyde in late October and it was considered the “off-season” for that area. Many shops and restaurants were closed around us. 

Overall, people say the best time to visit is in September. The weather is absolutely perfect and most of the summer tourists are heading out which means cheaper hotels and excursions! 

Remember: check what excursions you want to do and when they are available before you pick the dates to go!

Where to Stay

There are many beautiful towns to stay in when you visit Maine. From the coast, highlands, and mountains, there is a perfect place for everyone! 

We stayed in a city called Port Clyde. This was a super quaint town with a hometown feel. I enjoyed our stay here, but it was pretty far away from everywhere else we wanted to go. 

We stayed in an Airbnb in Port Clyde and it was the best place I have ever stayed! The Airbnb was located on top of a general store and had a fantastic view. I highly recommend using Airbnb to find a place to stay in Maine, but another option would be staying in one of the many Inn’s Maine has!

Cities I recommend staying in: 

Bar Harbor 
Old Orchard Beach 



Honestly, your best bet here is to rent a car. I know how expensive this can be, but depending on where you are staying, public transportation can be tricky. In the bigger cities, this is not as big of a problem, but I still recommend renting a car!


What to do in Maine

There are so many things to do in Maine that you will never be bored! These are some of my favorite activities:

  • Whale and Puffin Watching: Do your research prior, but the best time to see whales is from mid-April to early October. The best Puffin watching time is from June to July but tours may be offered from May through August.

  • Acadia National Park: If you are visiting Maine, you MUST visit Acadia! This was my all-time favorite hiking experience to date. The Beehive Trail was so much fun, but it was more rock climbing than hiking. Sand Beach is also a beautiful stop! An Acadia National Park Guide is coming soon!

Lighthouses: Maine has over 60 lighthouses all around the state. From small to large, Maine is known for its fantastic lighthouse scene. Check out this list of all of Maine’s lighthouses! My favorite was the Marshall Point in Port Clyde!

Beaches: This state has so many beaches that are all unique. Some are rocky while others are sandy. Old Orchard Beach is fantastic for families during the summertime, while beaches in Scarborough are amazing for surfing. Check out this list of great beaches to get an idea of where you should go!

Desert of Maine: Did you know that Maine has a desert? We didn’t get to visit this little attraction but it looks amazing! For a $10 entry fee, you can walk along the many dunes and visit the other attractions! They are currently closed for remodeling but will open back up next year!

Boating: When I think of Maine, one of the first things that come to mind are sailboats. Maine offers a variety of boating tours from sailboats, kayaks, canoes, and boat tours. 

Maine is a fantastic place to go and I hope this blog post inspired you to visit this sweet state!

Below is the easy-to-read list of Maine must do’s!

Maine Must-Do's infographic