For those who have a passion for adventure and developing a more sustainable future, Meraki Mentality is for you.

Meraki Mentality started as a personal lifestyle blog during my junior year of high school. I loved writing and photography and wanted to share those talents with the world. I have also been an avid sewer since I was six years old. My dream growing up was to be a fashion designer. I even remember sitting in front of the TV, watching The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, getting design inspiration from London Tipton (lol). 

Once I entered my senior year of high school, my passion for the environment grew tremendously. I started seeing the harmful effect the fashion industry had on our beautiful earth and felt an instant pull to make a difference. 

So, I combined the two things I was most passionate about (fashion & sustainability), and Meraki Mentality was the outcome. 

Meraki and I have grown together over the years, and the business has become a community for people of all shapes, colors, sizes, gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, and religion. I aspire for Meraki to be a place where we all welcome new ideas, speak for what we believe in and support everyone around us. 

This is a community of love, and everyone is welcome. 

  -Salem ✌🏼

Owner, Salem Haire, smiling into a camera during golden hour