our promise to sustainability

Here, at Meraki Mentality, sustainability is at our core. 
All of our products are made ethically with eco-friendly materials. Our goal is to make a continuous effort to become a fully sustainable brand and to teach others how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 


The products for Meraki Mentality are ethically made from a small manufacturing studio on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. The studio was founded in 2013 and they pride themselves on creating small collections with extremely high quality.

The studio offers a safe and enjoyable work environment and provides its workers with a living wage, self-care days, and vacation days. 



Repreve: 82% Recycled Polyester + 18% Elastane 

Repreve fabric is made from recycled water bottles.

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Tencel: 92% Modal + 8% Spandex 

Tencel fabric is made from sustainability sourced raw material wood and is biodegradable/compostable.

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Organic Cotton: 90% + 10% Spandex 

Organic cotton uses less water to produce and limits toxic pesticides/chemicals from entering the ground and our water sources. 

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All of the boxes used to ship out Meraki Mentality packages are from the company Boox.

Boox is a zero-waste shipping alternative that closes the circle on packaging waste. 

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Tissue Paper: 

All of the tissue paper used for Meraki Mentality packages is from the company 


NoIssue creates packaging supplies from sustainable, compostable, recycled, and reusable materials. 

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Packaging Tape: 

The packaging tape used for Meraki Mentality is made from a small business on Etsy. 

The tape is water activated, which eliminates extra waste


Seed Paper "Thank You" Notes:

Seed Paper is paper made with wildflower seeds. You can plant the paper directly into a pot to watch beautiful flowers grow

All seed paper notes are handmade from recycled paper 



Return your reusable Boox to your closest location

Reuse your tissue paper (ex: in a gift for your bestie!) 

Plant your seed paper "thank you" note! 

Wear your Meraki Mentality garments until they are ready to be recycled 

Take proper care of your Meraki Mentality garments to make them last longer (read the care labels!) 

Shop sustainable small business  

 Noissue Eco Alliance Sticker


Representation is a critically important value at Meraki Mentality.

Although we are starting small, we promise to continuously add more sizes and thoughtfully promote images of women with different body shapes, sizes, and colors.